MoonX device is applicable for any type of shading, powder and lining techniques.

Precision – stroke length of 2.5 mm, makes it perfect for pixelated soft ombre works, intense powder effect, invisible or clean outlines and nano-hair strokes.

Balanced weight – made of highest grade A-class aluminum and with only 76 gr. it gives a light yet comfortable feeling, creating the perfect balance between accuracy and  optimal souplesse in movements.


Innovative design – the overal “pen” design emulates the feeling of working with artists tools like pencils, brush and pencils.

Ergonomic Grip – to create ultra an comfortable feeling in every artists hands, and that can be easily disassembled for disinfecting, cleaning and/or autoclavable.


Equipped with powerful Japanese engineered, coreless precision motor allowing smooth and consistent power output with nominal voltage of 9V

Recommended working voltage : 4,5V-7,5V (depending on your power supply and hand movements)

We recommend work the industrie’s leading brand Critical Atom X / Critical Atom X-R

RCA Connectivity – connection protected in the harnas for optimal and seamless connectivity performance.

Needle Compatibility

Compatibale with any universal needle membrane cartridges such as Kwadron, Vertix, Killer Beauty, Cheyenne, Bi-Tech

Size and Weight

with only 79 grams the feeling of the pen is lightweight yet comfortable, creating the perfect balance between control and accuracy.

Model ‘X’

79 grams ( 2.7 oz)

Included in Box

MOON X Device

RCA Cord silicon & gold plated (2 meters)

Warranty leaflet with Authentication code

Power supply

MOON X Requirements

Nominal voltage 9V.

Recommende Power Supply: Critical


365-days Warranty


Instruction Videos